Statement from BoFinans about FranchisePartner

In November 2014 BoFinans decided to develop a franchise concept. We had hired the right recourses and had begun the preliminary writing exercises.

However, it was clear to us that we needed an actual road map to succeed, as to why we sought out new partnerships, when we came across FranchisePartner.

During the initial meeting it became quickly clear to us that FranchisePartner was exactly what we were looking for. FranchisePartner’s modular design meant we had a project plan soon after the meeting, therefore also a start-up date for us to work towards.

This project plan, which ran from April 2015 to March 2016, has proven to be accurate, and the cooperation has worked impeccably. We can only praise FranchisePartner for their serious approach – without FranchisePartner we would not be where we are today, therefore a big thanks to Bo and Bo from FranchisePartner.

Franchise Partner advises with great certainty during the whole process. We received advice on how to develop the manual, training and support systems as well as advise on how to recruit the right franchisees.

We have experienced Bo and Bo as committed partners, and it has been a good process, during which we have learned to understand, what it really means to run a business as a franchisor.

Bo and Bo have a great deal of knowledge and a lot of experience, when it comes to franchising. This has been a very rewarding process. Not only have we already expanded significantly, but we have also at the same time managed to highlight the key elements of success and conceptualised them. Our business concept has therefore become a lot more stringent today.


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