World-class brand PC│SCHEMATIC is in search of a Country Development Partner to expand business in United Kingdom.

Want to be Country Development Partner with a successful franchise?

PC│SCHEMATIC is present in 28 countries around the world with thousands of users who are experiencing our top of the class software, service, renowned support program and sales. We are passionate about the electrical CAD business as well as the great customer service and we expect that you will be the same.

The Country Development Partner will have exclusive rights to develop PC│SCHEMATIC in United Kingdom with the help of our Partner Program and will be committed to an agreed development plan. There are no fixed ongoing licensee costs and royalty is solely based on sales. Your initial investment is low and your variables will only grow according to your sales or strategic decisions. We expect that you will contribute with your best effort and your technical experience and knowledge of the UK market to make sure that the UK electrical CAD consumers are getting in contact with the right solution!

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Our Partner Program is build upon some of the best practices from around the world and gives you the benefit of our experiences since the start in 1978. To reach success the Partner Program provides you with a powerful go-to-market strategy, marketing aid, thorough training in core elements, system- and business development and on site field service support.

We believe in long-term partnerships with our customers, partners and employees. In fact, we believe so much in long-term partnerships and our Partner Program that we convert every single sterling pound of the initial fee (20.000 EURO) into your go-to-market strategy. And on top of that we add our field service. We know that your success will build ours!

Our recipe is simple; everything we do to find and hold on to customers should create clear value for them. We have no more powerful lever for ensuring an ever-growing stream of profitable business. We keep our core values top of mind and we use them as guidelines in our customer approach. We have an open and honest dialogue with our customers focusing on their needs without “over selling” our products.

Our behavior is proper and respectful, and we are always efficient and structured in our delivery. We never talk bad about others and we do not make promises we cannot keep. Customer value is the number one defense against an ever-changing market and our competitors.

Can you say yes to the following questions?

  • Are you ready to manage expansion in the UK through partnership with PC│SCHEMATIC?
  • Do you have experience and education from the power or technical industry?
  • Are you top of the class when it comes to creating dialog and truly understand the customers needs?
  • Do you believe in being trustworthy and behave orderly, creates long term business partnerships?
  • Do you see yourself as having a professional curiosity?
  • Are you ready to invest 100% of your professionel effort and 20000 EURO?

Would you like to know more and do you see yourself as the PC│SCHEMATIC Country Development Partner in UK?

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Please note that PS4 FranchisePartner supports PC│SCHEMATIC in their search of a Development Partner for United Kingdom.

If you like to know more about PC│SCHEMATIC you are welcome to visit our homepage

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