Optimisation and internationalisation

Franchising is an organic process. Besides the actual expansion, it is of great value to the company that there is continuous improvement of Best Practices, whilst the concept is being created based on the right core values. This does not come about of its own accord, despite the fact that the concept is built on the right foundation and a proper operationalisation design. As with all good things in life, there is a need for taking good care of the franchise concept.

The best way to ensure the focus is on the right aspects is naturally through cooperation between the franchisor and franchisee. A good franchise system does not only include the individual circumstances, but also contains a variety of forums for idea generating. To ensure proper dynamics in these forums, the right set-up, dialogue and process are needed.

When the cooperation is dynamic, success is almost inevitable, and national borders might be limiting. This, however, creates new possibilities.

Franchise concepts are mainly created due to the franchisors desire of growth, often a rapid growth and favourably across national borders. Internationalisation is often connected with great difficulties, especially due to the different legal requirements and cultural differences, in addition to the complexity of finding qualified franchisees. The tiniest mistake can in some cases render the agreements invalid.

PS4 FranchisePartner is able to advise and assist you with optimising both the franchise cooperation and also internationalisation.

We have enough knowledge and experience to advise on everything from strategic considerations to daily franchise concerned challenges. We are greatly experienced with expanding internationally through our large and extensive network of franchise consultants and specialised lawyers.

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