Training system

The training system plays a significant role in any franchise concept.

This is due the knowledge of the franchisor, as they know how a franchisee can become successful working with the concept. As franchisees are independent entrepreneurs, they cannot be subjected to following the success formula, and they will not easy be fired, if they act against your will. Therefore, a training system is essential for franchisors initially affect on a franchisees’ way of running their business. It is quite common for a franchise company to make very extensive training and development activities available for franchisees. The training system also provides franchisees and employees with knowledge of how to run the business, according to the regulations stated in the operational manual.

The training system and the franchise manual are two closely integrated elements. The manual is a key element in the training system. The training system is furthermore also the part of the franchise concept, where the franchisor can exercise his influence on the organisation’s culture. Consequently, employees will have the impression of being employed in a joint trademark and not simply the franchisee’s business through the training system.

Creating a great training system and franchise manual is essential for the success and development of the franchise system. The workload is substantial, and the interplay between the manual and the other elements should, to as great an extent as possible, enable the dynamics to correlate. It is not rare for a franchise manual to consist of several hundred pages, and that the training system includes a whole range of unique initiatives to ensure maximum success. However, a good franchise manual and a strong training system can be used by the entire organisation, not only the individual franchisee.

PS4 FranchisePartner has many years of experience in developing franchise manuals and training systems, and can to a great extend help facilitate the process for you. We can help you save hundreds of hours, with a well-functioning training system and an optimal franchise manual as an end result.

PS4 additionally provides extensive courses and we are more than happy to tailor the courses to your particular franchise concept.

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