Support & Control system

The success of a franchise concept depends on the financial success of the franchisees.

A business is, as familiar, only as strong as it its weakest link, and poor financial results of one franchisee may affect the success of other franchisees, especially if the poor performance can deprave the franchisee of opportunities to finance an expansion or even establishing the company.

Therefore, it is essential to follow the franchisee’s financial performance closely. Determining a standardised reporting system, appropriate key performance indicators and clear success criteria is in this context crucial.

We can assist with establishing a financial reporting system and help calculate the value of franchisees’ businesses.

We can also assist in developing complete support cycles including all different support type and visit reports, particularly:

  • Business economic review
  • Reports based on costumer experience and linkage to Best Practice from the Franchise Manual
  • Complete system evaluation, including marketing, operations, sales and HR including linkage to Best Practice and financial performance
  • Expandability assessment and Business Review

Support and control systems are crucial for continued success of the franchise system and the protection of the brand. The workload is substantial, and the interplay with the other elements should, to as great an extent as possible, enable the dynamics to correlate.

It is not rare for support and control systems to include a whole range of different elements and visitor types, including an extensive reporting system.

PS4 FranchisePartner has many years of experience in developing support and control systems, and can to a great extend help facilitate the process for you. We can help you save hundreds of hours, with a well-functioning support and training system as an end result.

Furthermore, we are also able to develop franchise consultants for your franchise system through our extensive training program in PS4.

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