Statement from Kirppu about FranchisePartner

If anyone knows anything about franchising, or leadership in general, it’s Bo and Bo!

They are very talented and have a lot of experience to draw on. We had a really good working relationship and I really felt that we were in safe hands. Franchising was relatively new for us and we had at the same time only been on the market for a year. Therefore, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. They asked a lot of critical questions. A real eye-opener – we really believed we had thought everything through.

Together with Bo and Bo the concept was dismantled to atoms and reassembled – our machine was tuned in a completely new way. We also received shortcuts to figuring out what really works for our company. Their strength is that they have tried it in practice and not only refer to some theoretical concepts, which makes it really manageable and safe.

I have already recommended them to others.


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