Recruitment of franchisees often causes the biggest problems for franchisors

The challenges can range from getting enough interested, potential candidates, to being sure the right partner is found. The vast majority of franchisees in Denmark have actually had no clue that they wanted to be franchisees. A wide range of other parameters, all well covered by franchising, has driven their desire, but they have never expressed a specific desire to become a franchisee. Few view franchising as a possible career change, simply due to a lack of awareness of the benefits of franchising in Denmark in general. This naturally puts emphasis on the importance of a properly composed lead generation through profiling and the right marketing efforts.

As soon as a strategy for lead generation is developed and activated, the first overtures will be made. It is of course of outmost importance to ensure a good experience for every applicant, but the screen process should occur simultaneously. The first filter is often based on screening for basic requirements, subsequently it is necessary to ensure that confidential information is not shared inexpediently, therefore is it imperative to set high standards for recruitment documents and the management of the process.

Recruitment contains other crucial elements besides finding the right people to operate the franchise business. During the recruitment process, it is necessary to clarify the franchisee candidate’s expectations as well as the franchisors expectations of the franchisee. This matching of expectations is a key element and serves as the foundation for a successful collaboration. Unfulfilled expectations are the basis for the most frequent dissatisfaction and lack of cooperation in franchise businesses. In other words, a series of elements have to be fulfilled and clarified, before committing to a long-term partnership.

To this end, a number of other filters and instruments can be of considerable help to ensure a right match. One of these instruments is a structured “On the Job Experience” (OJE), which is composed to illuminate the most important skills, crucial to the company’s concept. Franchise recruitment is extensive, but as soon as the process is in place and the insight into the different instruments has been given, success is almost inevitable.

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