Qualification assessment

It is important to assess the company, before a development of a franchise concept is initiated. The qualification assessment provides an in-depth assessment of whether franchising is suitable as a growth and development concept for the company. The assessment is based on the company’s products, services, management, capital and whether the company is actually able to protect the business concept to the necessary degree.

Companies wishing to establish themselves as a franchise concept often contact us in PS4 FranchisePartner. We offer a free initial meeting to discuss the company’s situation and qualification. The meeting will cover topics such as products, services, management, capital and how to protect the company. You will get a general understanding of what good franchising requires and how to be prepared.


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You can also take this test in which you will be confronted with 10 subjects, crucial to evaluate whether your company has the qualifications to experience effective growth through franchising. This will serve as an indication for your company.

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