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In franchising you will not only get the right to sell a product. As a franchisee you can rightly expect that you will be trained and get the recipe for how to run a successful business with that particular franchise concept on hand.

Franchising is the world’s most efficient engine of growth, especially because that growth is built on strong core values and a clear DNA, based on a company that has already proven to be successful. A good franchise manual and a good training system contribute to a reduction of mistakes being made in the process, and they also ensure that several years of experience with what works best can be learned and practiced quickly and efficiently. These best practices, accompanied with a clear insight into all conceivable facets of how the company runs in the best way possible, are being addressed and shared through the franchise manual. The manual and training system go hand in hand and serve as the foundation for new franchisees, so they begin at the best possible starting point in the start-up period, allowing for a sustained, high and successful standard to flourish.

A franchise manual describes not only best practices; it also ensures that comprehension and motivation to exercise the right practices are in place. The outcome can vary greatly, and the level of motivation is crucial for performance outcome of implementing these practices. The manual should also include minimum standards and exemplifications, favourably including a great amount of images and / or video material.

A good manual contains not only descriptions of the significant operational elements applicable for the concept, but also describes all the elements franchisees and franchisors are in need of, if they want to ensure successful expansion and development of the concept, including amongst others:

  • Introduction to the manual and the franchise system
  • Description of the core operational elements, including the sales process
  • Recruitment, development and continuous motivation of personnel
  • Management and employee development programs
  • Leadership, daily and overall
  • Policies, including personnel and special conditions
  • Systems for quality assurance
  • Marketing procedures and planning
  • Maintenance programs
  • Business development

Creating a right franchise manual is essential for the success and development of the franchise system. The workload behind a manual is substantial, and the interplay between the manual and the other elements should, to as great an extent as possible, enable the dynamics to correlate. It is not rare for a franchise manual to consist of several hundred pages, and that the training system includes a whole range of unique initiatives to ensure maximum success. However, a good franchise manual and a strong training system can be used by the entire organisation, not only the individual franchisee.

PS4 FranchisePartner has many years of experience in developing franchise manuals and training systems, and can to a great extend help facilitate the process for you. We can help you save hundreds of hours, with a well-functioning training system and an optimal franchise manual as an end result.

franchise manual

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