A franchise contract is the contractual foundation, which forms the legal framework for the partnership between franchisor and franchisee.

The contract is designed to protect the concept and clarify a wide range of different conditions, such as territorial rights, brand protection, operational elements, training, operational instructions, business assistance, staffing conditions, usufruct, security, time entries, responsibilities, financial conditions, competition clause, violations and extraordinary conditions such as termination of contract, death, illness etc.

A franchise contract should in reality only be used rarely. A franchise system must include a variety of elements to ensure that the dynamics work for both the franchisee and the franchisor. A successful franchise system is driven by the fact that the franchisees success generates success for the franchisor.

Despite this, a need can arise to stress the rights and the responsibilities. It is essential that the contract is not only legally well described, but that it also contains all essential elements, based on the concepts values and the desired behaviour, which we know will lead to success. To ensure this, a detailed concept description is necessary, where the detailed economic factors are identified, and the legal structures, which need to be established to protect the brand value and provide legal security, are illuminated. This concept description provides the foundation for the franchise contract.

We have extensive experience in developing concept descriptions, and we are collaborating with the country’s top franchise lawyers. We will ensure, all elements are included in your concept description, hereby providing a solid foundation, on which grounds the lawyers can prepare the legal basis. Our collaboration with the best franchise lawyers ensures a good price agreement and a clear process towards a good franchise contract. We also assist with reviewing the contract with new franchisees.

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