Concept development and preparation

Before you can begin to create the actual franchise system and design the various franchise elements, it is crucial to ensure the right foundation. We operate within three significant areas:

  • Jointly we will have to define the values and core elements that have contributed to the success of the company, by identifying the Best Practice and the dynamics behind the success. The common basis of values will in this process be uncovered, which ensures the right DNA of the company is found.
  • Furthermore, the focus will be on elements that may result in diluting the concept or harm the company in any other way. The focus is therefore on elements that need to be monitored closely throughout the expansion.
  • Finally, it is necessary to clarify the franchisee candidate’s expectations as well as the franchisors expectations of the franchisee.

Once the foundation is set, it is time to design the basic operational elements including the training system, franchise manual and support and control system. These elements will ensure continuous motivation amongst franchisees – they are the ones creating success. Put simply, we will include a wide range of dynamics to ensure, the franchisor and the franchisee have common interests in implementing the right operational elements. We ensure a mutual interest in a good partnership and continuous improvement of Best Practice and the franchise concept (avoiding dilution!).

On a similar note, we also help set the framework for the partnership with a detailed concept description, including a discussion of the detailed economic factors and the needed legal structures. This will protect the brand value and provide legal security of both the franchisor and the franchisee. The concept description forms the basis for the franchise contract.

In PS4 FranchisePartner we utilise our extensive experience with franchising, to ensure that the franchisee understands the scope of the decision to work with franchising. We offer a solid basis for decision-making, providing complete insight into the process, including the costs and estimated revenue.

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